About Chario


Founded in 1975 in Milan, still today, after more than 40 years, Chario is in the very small world of handcrafting companies that totally make their loudspeakers, drivers and cabinet, to meet 100% of the project parameters. Even today, all Chario speakers are designed and made for music lovers, for those who are looking for a transparent reproduction able to avoid any interpretation. Each Chario speaker is immediately recognizable and convertible into concrete sound sensations.

In a Chario everything speaks Italian, from the massive wood used for the cabinet construction, strictly of Italian origin, to the drivers, designed and made in Italy. The quality of the components used its fundamental to Chario, as well as the combination of cutting edge performances and constructive craftsmanship. Each Chario cabinet is handmade by craftsmen carpenters, starting with the choice of wood, each speaker is the same but unique, in full respect of the Italian manufacturing tradition

Heritage of the Past, Vision of the Future, Focus on the present.

Today our role is still to make who choose Chario free to fully experience the listening experience. All Chario speakers speak of our present as the son of our past, with the same unchanged desire to continue the research seeking for a continue improving. For us, the path to pursue for creating a speaker system is clear and well defined. Thanks to an acoustic design continuity, our mission is to provide a non-interpreted, natural reproduction speaker. Feelings, emotions, pitch, and the various components to take into consideration while playing a song, must necessarily be provided for the listener in the manner and intensity that the composer or the artist has created at the time of recording or during a live event. Thanks to our research center, we apply the results of proprietary research in terms of acoustic recordings to all our projects. Usually, we study the behavior and variations that exist from the time of recording to the time of playback, understanding what happens even at this stage, so we can have a complete view of the most correct path to take to continue our philosophy.