We create unique and meaningful experience


Science and research are our goals, Listening is your target. Music is what draws out our emotions, is not the succession of notes, but what is between the notes, that imperfect but brilliant human component, real and exciting, common, yet original. Since 1975 we are proud to have spent so much time doing the thing we dreamed of.
Astonishing performances, classical style, unique quality​.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Since the very first day of its foundation, research and development have been the guiding principle on which Chario has been constrained. We create timeless objects, unique for style and quality, made with premium materials and unique performance. Chario’s prerogative has always been to put the music in the center, delivering a sound quality as close to a live performance as possible, out of any interpretation, leaving space only to what counts, music and emotions


Heritage / Passion / Sincerity

Assembled with careful attention to the smallest detail. Each component is designed directly by Chario, according to our meticulous standards. Expertise, technical preparation and high-quality materials guarantee reliability over time.

Chario wants to surprise those who choose her products by combining a classic design with over 40 years of acoustic and psychoacoustic research. Continuing to convey the values that have always distinguished Chario



We create unique and unforgettable meaningful moments

The meaning inside
Emotion and reason, passion and calculation, infinity and psychology, are all enclosed within a speaker system. Science is crucial to be able to walk a path of development to reproduce a true and natural result; the human component that brings a scientific concept alive uses it as a tool to reach the hearts and the minds of people